Cross-Country Media Monitoring as a Service

Managing, measuring and improving your corporate or brand reputation is crucial to your business. Who is saying what about your company, brand or services, in which channel with what effect? How is the audience reacting to the news?

You are a member of the Public Relations & Communications,  Marketing Communications or Corporate Reputation Departments, or you are part of the Senior Management of the company. You need to be up to date with everything concerning:

  • your company, brand, or products
  • your industry’s competitive landscape
  • industry trends and developments
  • new players or products on the market
  • potential crisis or threats to your reputation

There is hardly any business or organisation that is not monitoring the news of relevance. We don’t just do that for you - we provide you with a competitive advantage by equipping you with the essential insights about your industry, competitors, or market trends.

The need to monitor hundreds or even thousands of sources 24/7 in several countries or in a whole region is a complex task. Thanks to our advanced technology and expert team, we offer a one-stop-shop for cross-country, multi-dimensional monitoring that works seamlessly with your in-house communications team.

Our cross-country media monitoring is tailored specifically to meet your goals:

  • Daily
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • On-demand / Special
  • Alerts / Online dashboard

Schedule a call with our dedicated team and tell us about your needs & requirements. We will then provide you a free sample of our cross-country media monitoring report.