Global Press Release & Multimedia Distribution

Want tcut through the clutter and get heard? We are here to help you!

Every day, thousands of press & news releases go out over a wire service.

You are communicating in a noisy world. So why not work directly with the wire service in order to cut through the clutter and get heard? Our "Global Press Release & Multimedia Distribution" service can help your business reach multi-regional markets and deliver your message to the right audience. 


Our service-related features include the following:

  • Press Release & Multimedia Distribution across 160+ countries as well as 100,000 media outlets
  • Smart Press & News Release: Add high-resolution photos, videos, audio or images and turn your words into visuals.
  • United Partners Interactive Media: Tell, and sell, your story with more impact through an engaging and measurable multimedia experience. Make your news release a marketing campaign asset — increasing click-throughs, message adoption and earned media.

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