Media Training as a Service

Whenever your business representatives talk to media outlets, there is a risk of controversies around the corporate reputation. Therefore, it is a good idea to be well prepared while answering challenging questions.

Customised media trainings led by experienced facilitators can assist in providing the necessary tools for navigating through the potential landmines of an interview, whether it is print or broadcast.

The experienced in-house team at United Partners has developed a proven expertise in delivering such media trainings for established brands among numerous industries.


All media trainings at United Partners put emphasis on the following three objectives:

1. To upgrade skills & confidence in working with various type of medias / journalists

2. To provide new perspectives on abilities such as: delivering interviews for TV / Radio / Press, behaviour during press conferences, crisis communications as well as delivering speeches at award ceremonies

3. To provide opportunities for practical exercises

If you are interested in learning more about our media training service and how it can benefit your business, fill the form and book a free consultation with our team.